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The Knysna Basin, South Africa

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Von Gadow, D. W. Van der Zel, A.Van Laar, A. P. G. Schönau, H.W. Kassier, P. W. Warkotsch, H. F. Vermaas, D. L. Owen, and J. The forests of George, Knysna and the Zitzikama - a short historical past of their management . Guidelines for the sustained use of indigenous forests and forest products. The ecology and management of organic invasions in southern Africa.
Planting invasive alien vegetation / not eradicating them from ecosystems destroys the natural species stability of an area. Thick stands of mangrove timber stop a lot of the harm caused by tsunamis.
Other creatures that live off decayed organic material, namely the detritivores, also promote this process of decomposition by breaking up dead plant matter into its element vitamins. Victoria Bay is just 15 minutes from central George however deserves its own spot on this list for a number of causes.
The Knysna-Amatole Montane Forests ecoregion forms the southermost extent of the Afromontane archipelago-like regional heart of endemism . It also represents the biggest space of afromontane forest in the area , and thus was distinguished as a separate ecoregion.
Many timber type fruits that act as a meals source for animals, whereas leaves are eaten by herbivores. Each group will put together a poster to illustrate the mutual dependence of the trees, different plants and animals. When leaves or fruit fall from the bushes and gather at the ft of the trees, one other series of organisms can appear. By breaking down organic material, decomposers such as microorganisms return the natural vitamins to the soil.
The slim bay is an ideal crescent flanked by cliffs, with azure waters and a large strip of pristine yellow sand. Stop in en route or book a night in one of the waterfront cottages and spend a lazy afternoon braaing on the grass, sunbathing, fishing, or swimming within the protected tidal pool. Pods of dolphins are sometimes spotted surfing on the backline, and in winter , each southern proper and humpback whales can sometimes be seen from shore as they move by on their annual migration along the coast. Vic Bay can be considered one of South Africa’s high surf spots, with a constant proper-hand level break that operates throughout the year thanks to the cove’s unique topography.

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